Finding the Best Air Compressor Rental Service

Air compressors are used in many types and sizes of businesses, from the gas station on the corner to large manufacturing plants. For homeowners, air compressors can be useful in workshops, garages, and basements, especially for those who pursue in-home projects where a compressor is necessary. However, depending on the needs of your business or home, you may not want to invest in purchasing an air compressor. Air compressor rental allows you affordable access to a high-quality air compressor when you need it.

Why Consider Air Compressor Rental?

Sometimes emergency situations arise in which you need an air compressor but do not have the necessary funds on hand to purchase one. Maybe your air compressor needs require a higher capacity product than the one you currently have on hand — but you’ll only need that higher-capacity machine once. Regardless of the situation, air compressor rental may save you time and money.

Expert providers like Gen-Tech, one of the most innovative power generation and air compressor companies in the United States, provide renters with high-quality air compressors that they would not otherwise be able to or want to purchase for ownership. One particular area of expertise is that Gen-Tech rents out portable air compressors for projects including roadworks and construction sites where it would be unsuitable to have a stationary compressor.

Gen-Tech Air Compressor Rental Solutions offer a number of models for air compressor rentals. Our air power products include:

  • Portable Air Compressors Rental: Gen-Tech has the capacity to handle the highest application requests for air power. Our services include servicing as well as immediate on site rental while maintenance or repairs are being made to customer equipment. This is a benefit that allows for 0 customer downtime. Gen-Tech also provides on-site diesel fueling for both rentals or customer equipment.
  • Specialty Portable Air Compressor Rental: A second option is for a Gen-Tech air compressor rental is specialty portable air compressors. These provide the support needed for applications that are oil-free and high pressure. These include utility, food grade, paralleling, and drilling applications.

Dryers are available for use with any of the above compressors, as are filtration systems built to the satisfy all system regulations and requirements.

Gen-Tech Air Compressor Rentals keeps productivity high even when conditions are of high demand.
Contact Gen-Tech for a full line of portable air compressors. Air compressors are available for rent for the day, week or month. Gen-Tech is willing and able to meet any customer need. You will be happy with the quality of air compressors and related services.

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