Finding an Air Compressor that Meets Your Needs

Your industrial air compressor is a vital component of keeping processes and procedures in your plant moving smoothly. Gen-Tech is a full-service specialist in generator systems, mobile equipment, gas engines, and air compressors. After revolutionizing the home standby generator, Gen-Tech has become a recognized leader in its power generation and compressor offerings.


The Gen-Tech Industrial/Electric Air Compressor

Gen-Tech offers a wide range of industrial/electric compressor products, including a full line of stationary air compressors from Sullivan Palatek. The Sullivan Palatek air compressor is reliable, high performing, and low maintenance.

Sullivan Palatek builds base compressors, and Gen-Tech customizes them to suit the needs of the user. Gen-Tech’s advanced rotor design features large radial thrust bearings and precision rotary screws that prevent wear. This helps your air compressor avoid friction, remain cool, and circulate fluid for better longevity and flexibility.

Gen-Tech offers the following types of Sullivan Palatek air compressors:

The 5 to 20 Horsepower Air Compressor: These industrial reciprocating and rotary screw compressors can be built to preferred specifications. They come in voltages ranging from 208/230/460/575 and they cover from 17.3 CFM to 80 CFM.

The 25 to 50 Horsepower Air Compressor: This compressor features an efficient coalescing filter package that distributes higher quality air throughout a plant. The rotary screw compressors range in voltages of 230-460 and they cover from 95 CFM to 225 CFM.

The 60 to 125 Horsepower Air Compressor: This compressor can range from 208/230/460/575 in voltages. It covers from 225 CFM to 950 CFM.

The 150 to 450 Horsepower Air Compressor: For this compressor, Sullivan Palatek offers electric construction and enclosed and unenclosed rotary screw compressors. Its variable frequency drive can be built to a customer’s desired specifications. These compressors come in a range of voltages of 208/230/460/575, and they cover from 375 to 1910 CFM.


Finding the Best Air Compressor Customization and Service

Finding an industrial/electric compressor that meets your exact needs can be challenging, but Gen-Tech’s wide range of customizable products allow them to develop a product that suits any specifications. Along with their compressor customization services, Gen-Tech also services and repairs compressors of all makes and models, as long as they have genuine OEM parts. All Gen-Tech repairs will be completed with genuine parts, to avoid part mismatches that can cause malfunctions.

For all your air compressor needs, get in touch with Gen-Tech for top-quality products and services.

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