Finding a Generator Rental Company

If you need a generator, you may be unsure whether you should buy or rent one. There are a number of factors to consider before making this decision, including cost. Working with a generator rental company allows you to get the power generation you need without incurring the full cost of a generator purchase.


How Long Do You Need A Generator?

A key factor in deciding whether to rent a generator is the period of time for which you will need to use it. If you need one for just a short time, it would be better to rent instead of making a purchase commitment.

You can also choose to rent rather than buy if you are not able to meet the cost of buying a generator and having it installed, but you need one immediately. Renting for a short time as you make arrangements to buy can remedy your immediate situation as you collect funds to buy a generator.

Rental is common during disaster relief efforts. Working with a generator rental company gives you the power supply you need in your home or business until necessary repairs are done and power is restored.


Choosing a Generator Rental Company

Even if you are renting rather than buying, you want to rent a generator that will serve you well. In your search for a leading generator rental company, you will keep coming across one name: Gen-Tech.

Gen-Tech offers rental solutions for many different types of equipment. These include air compressors, light towers, and power generators. The generator rental service is serviced by trained technicians who are available round the clock every day of the week. Additionally, the technicians are available to provide comprehensive set up services, mobile fueling at your location, and preventative maintenance.

Generator rental services are available for home users, construction and mining sites, special events, and commercial users. If you are not sure which type or capacity of generator will best serve your needs, technicians will visit you, assess your needs, and recommend which one will serve you best. They will then deliver it, install it, and test it to make sure it is working as required.

For those in remote locations, refueling may be a worry. Gen-Tech takes care of rental customers who need refueling services with a rapid response 24/7 emergency fueling service. This is done with four-wheel service trucks that are fitted with auxiliary tanks. Regularly scheduled refueling can also be arranged.


Join the Band

Since the company was started, Gen-Tech’s mission has been to provide the very best for customers. If you are looking to rent a generator or you are not sure whether you want to rent or buy, contact Gen-Tech. Whatever your choice will be, you will be a very happy customer and you will have joined the band of satisfied Gen-Tech customers.

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