Factors to Consider When Selecting a Portable Generator for Events

Whether you’re planning for a fall harvest festival, a wedding, concert, or high school football game, there are many factors to consider when selecting a portable generator for events. At Gen-Tech, our EGSA-certified technicians can help you select the ideal generator for your needs, venue, and anticipated power requirements. We work closely with you to ensure you have all the power you need to give your guests have a fabulous time and a memorable experience.

Calculate Required Capacity

A thorough load calculation is essential for ensuring your portable generator has sufficient production capacity for the speakers, lights, appliances, computers, and other electronics you intend to use. An EGSA-certified technician can help you calculate the required capacity so that your systems don’t flicker and fail when the event kicks into gear.

Factor in the Noise

Generating power can be a noisy affair. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many nearly silent portable generators that are perfect for events. When selecting a generator, always inquire about the generator’s anticipated decibel level and sound abatement features. This can help you determine the ideal type and placement of your portable power generation equipment.

Get Support

24/7 support is essential when renting a portable generator for events. Should something cause a power failure, you need an EGSA-certified technician available to quickly restore your system to operation. Similarly, it’s advisable to rent a generator from a generator rental company that will set up and maintain the generator throughout the duration of your event. While this can add to the cost of your event, it’s well worth the investment because you can rest assured your lights, sound systems, security systems, etc. will remain fully powered from the moment your guests arrive until the moment the party is over.

Examine the Venue

You will need to keep your generator secure and run plenty of cables to connect your portable generator to your equipment. This means you will want to position your power generation equipment in a location where it is out of the way and less likely to be disturbed by guests. You will also need to protect the wires with cable crossovers, tape, and other protective devices so that the wires don’t become disconnected.

Plan for the Weather

Rain or shine, snow or ice, your power generator should be shielded from the elements. Staying on top of the weather forecast and preparing the necessary enclosures will protect your system from damage and your guests from injury.

Do you need a portable generator for events this fall? Contact the team at Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists and we will be happy to assist you. Our specialists can help you select the ideal portable generator for your needs and will provide all the support you need to keep your systems operational for the duration of your event.

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