Ensure Your Generator Rental Is Safe and Secure

Whether you are managing a special event, overseeing a remote worksite, or responding to a natural disaster, it is imperative that you ensure your generator rental is safe and secure. Not only is it your contractual obligation to the generator rental company, it is a responsibility to anyone who may come into contact with your generator and the power it produces. When you rent a generator, the following are some hazards to be wary of, and some steps you can take to protect your generator and the people who depend on it.

Check the Ventilation

We cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring proper ventilation around your generator. Indeed, we frequently remind our clients of this critical factor. Both gasoline and diesel power generators produce significant amounts of carbon monoxide. Your generator should never be positioned within 20 feet of a structure, tent, rest area, or worksite.

Protect Against Back Feed

Under no circumstances should your generator be directly connected to the wiring system of a building. This creates the potential for back-feeding into the grid and can cause serious injury or death. Always connect your generator rental to an automatic transfer switch to protect against this hazard.

Watch for Overloading

An overloaded generator is prone to backfiring. This can generate sparks and flames. Closely monitor your load and make sure that you don’t attempt to overload it, even for short periods of time. We strongly recommend that before renting a generator, confirm that your generator has sufficient production capacity for your needs.

Secure Your Fuel

Fuel storage should be kept close, but not too close to your generator. Always maintain a safe distance between fuel storage and the generator. Further, make sure that the fuel storage area is properly marked and protected from errant sparks and flames from construction work, mining activities, etc.

Secure the Generator

As with ventilation, we continue to stress the importance of securing your generator from theft and unauthorized access. A motivated thief can hook up and haul off a generator in a few minutes. To protect your generator, it’s best to secure it with wheel locks, motion sensor alarms, and security cameras. This will make it considerably harder for a thief to haul it away. Further, make sure that only authorized personnel are allowed within a clearly marked and identified generator zone.

Guard Against Mother Nature

Windblown debris, rain, and snow can damage your generator rental and render it unsafe to operate. Always make sure that your generator is positioned on a hard, dry surface. You should also position it beneath an open canopy to help shield it from rain and snow.

We are happy to answer your questions about generator rentals and the steps you can take to ensure the safety of your system and the safety of your personnel. We invite you to contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 to speak with our team and to learn about the services our generator rental company offers.

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