Enable and Empower Your Technicians with GenTech

In its mission to offer the best generator products and services, Gen-Tech offers technician training to enable the qualified troubleshooting of problems that arise with any kind of generator. Gen-Tech reaches for excellence in industrial generator training with comprehensive programs from qualified trainers with long-term experience in the field.

The focus of the training classes is a three-day power generation seminar. The seminar is designed to offer the required training for property owners, maintenance personnel, engineers, contractors, and others who handle generators. The goal is to offer broad-range training about different applications, from the basic to the most complex in-depth training.

The learning center equips technicians not only with classroom lessons but also with practical training, which is done with equipment that operates just as it does in the field. This way, the technicians are equipped to handle all kinds of repair and maintenance situations that they may encounter in the field. Students learn how to troubleshoot as well as diagnose problems. As they learn, trainers put them to the test with various, actual scenarios they will be expected to handle in the field. Generac certification commercial training is offered in:

  • Air cooled training, which runs for three days
  • Protector series training, which runs for four days

Customized Industrial Generator Training

If required, Gen-Tech can customize a training program that best suits the needs of an organization’s maintenance program. Programs are created by trainers with over five decades of service collectively. They are experienced in handling all makes and models of generator systems and transfer switches. Before the program is created, Gen-Tech will discuss your organization’s specific needs. Based on these needs, trainers will design a program that covers how power generation, industry requirements, and regulations apply to your organization. Hands-on training can be held at Gen-Tech’s premises or at your organization’s location. Training participants are given a customized manual and will receive a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion.


Book a Day

You can check the training calendar online or contact Gen-Tech to learn more about customized industrial generator training courses. Gen-Tech training will empower your team of technicians to do maintenance, diagnose problems, and take the steps required to restore normal operations. Ensure optimum performance and output of your systems with Gen-Tech training. All our training follows the Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA)’s Certification Program that ensures technicians attain the required levels of skill, expertise, and knowledge in all aspects of generator sets service, repair, and maintenance. Gen-Tech has been a member of EGSA since 1999. Get to the top of your field with Gen-Tech training for your technicians — the best technical training in the industry.

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