EGSA Certification Opens Doors To a Prosperous Future

At Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists, we are proud of our EGSA certified team. Our EGSA certified technicians are the men and women who keep businesses in business in a world reliant on electrical power. We encourage individuals to pursue certification, not just because it shows their commitment to our industry, but because it positions technicians and others to take the power generation industry forward.

EGSA Updates Their Training Guide

The 5th and most current version of the EGSA study book is 47 chapters long and covers the most up-to-date information in the world regarding modern power generation systems. For industry professionals, the 700 pages of On-Site Power Generation are an indispensable guide.

New topics included within the EGSA certification course include enhanced training on bi-fuel generator systems, engine preheating systems, batteries, network communications, power management, generator sizing, generator switches, and neutral conductors. Further, the guide has been updated with information regarding seismic design, the use of landfill gas in power generation systems, and more.

What EGSA Certification Means for Our Clients

EGSA certified technicians possess a broad range of knowledge that qualifies them to perform service, maintenance, and repairs on standby generators, portable generators, prime power generators, and more. For our clients, this means that when problems emerge or solutions need to be found, our EGSA certified technicians have the skills and expertise they can count on.

At Gen-Tech, EGSA certification allows our technicians to identify problems, forecast potential problems quickly, and apply solutions that will maximize the generator’s efficiency and longevity. This saves our clients from costly downtime, costly repairs, and costly replacements.

Moreover, recertification requires the completion of additional testing every three years. This means that our clients can count on our teams to possess the most current, up-to-date knowledge of power generation systems. Thus, as advances occur and technology evolves, our EGSA certified technicians know how to apply them to improve our clients’ power generation systems’ operation.

EGSA Certification Isn’t Just for Generator Technicians

EGSA certification isn’t just something for technicians in the field to attain. Indeed, many others in the power generation industry benefit from earning certification. This includes the engineers and designers who build the generator sets, the service managers charged with overseeing repair and maintenance schedules, facility managers who operate the generator sets on a daily basis, and the distributors and dealers charged with ensuring clients have the generator systems their businesses require.

When You Are Ready, We Will Guide You

We are always looking for highly qualified generator technicians to serve our clients. It is our pleasure to help guide you and take the steps you need to take in order to build a successful career in the power generation industry. We encourage you to contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 to speak with our team and learn the steps we recommend you take based on your current education and career goals.

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