Don’t Get Left in the Dark During the Next Crisis

There is a dark side to power generation, and this past month it has become front-page news that our industrial power sales team watched closely. That, of course, is the vulnerability of America’s fuel network and the capability of organized actors to perform a single nefarious act to create ripples that crash through the economy. When cyber hackers from DarkSide targeted the Colonial Pipeline for a ransomware attack, their actions caused significant damage to the company and the economy at large. Many firms were left struggling for fuel, while others dusted off contingency plans as they watched fuel supplies dwindle. Ultimately, it was yet another reminder that businesses must prepare for unexpected events and the disruptions they cause.

Fuel Is the First Priority

Without fuel, your mobile power generators are merely expensive paperweights. Our industrial sales team can help you calculate the necessary fuel storage capacity for your generators. We will consider your operations and the known threats to your business that can disrupt operations. We can help ensure that if a disaster strikes or if another DarkSide slips through the cracks and reaches its tentacles into the nation’s fuel supply, your business will have sufficient fuel on hand for continuous operation.

Maintenance Is Critical

Our industrial sales team works closely with our EGSA certified technicians to ensure our clients have access to highly-trained personnel with the skills and expertise required to maintain modern mobile power generation systems. Our planned maintenance services are an effective investment that will keep your systems in working condition so that when the grid goes down, your systems pick up the slack. We offer numerous preventative maintenance agreements and 24/7 support that you can use to protect your power generation systems and extend their serviceable lifespan.

Tried and True Can’t Always Beat New and Modern

Mobile power generators are significant investments in your business. Most business owners strive to keep their mobile generators operational for as long as possible to squeeze as much value from the investment as possible. However, the older the generator, the more likely problems will arise. The older the system, the less efficient it operates and the greater the likelihood that components will falter and fail. Further, older systems can make your business more vulnerable to unexpected events. In an emergency, that cost-effective machine can quickly become a costly weight on the bottom line as operations grind to a halt.

Our industrial sales team can help you determine whether your systems still have sufficient life in them or whether it’s time to consider replacement options. We’ll review your generator’s service history, examine your current power needs, and recommend replacement solutions that will end up saving you money in the long run.

We encourage you to contact Gentech’s industrial power sales team at (800) 625 – 8324 for more information about the mobile power generation equipment we offer. We’ll help you find the ideal replacement for your existing systems so that when the next disruption to fuel supplies or the power grid emerges, your business won’t be among the operations left idling in the dark.

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