Does Your Generator Need to Be Compliant with Tier 4 Regulations?

The EPA’s final Tier 4 regulations went into effect at the end of 2017. Since introduction in the mid-1990’s, the regulations have eliminated more than 90% of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Particulate Matter (PM) emissions within diesel exhaust. It is true that the regulations have cleared the air we breathe. Yet, there remains a need to clear the air of confusion surrounding Tier 4 compliance.

Do Tier 4 Regulations Apply to Your Operations?

Tier 4 regulations apply to diesel engines utilized in farm equipment. They also cover heavy forklifts and engines used to power other types of heavy machinery. This includes pumps, compressors, and non-emergency power generators.

Tier 4 regulations apply to diesel engines used in nonroad applications. However, they do not apply to engines constructed prior to December 2017, or engines used solely as a source of emergency power.

Exemption for Emergency Standby Power (ESP)

Diesel-engine and gas-engine generators in the United States are exempt from the final Tier 4 regulations. These generators are exempt because design improvements within Tier 2 and Tier 3 generators demonstrated an 85% reduction in emissions. Moreover, the annual operations time of emergency generators is often less than 200 hours per year. This means that they have negligible impact on air quality.

It is important to note that your ESP’s may be subject to regulations passed by the state legislature or your local municipal government. If you operate an ESP, you will want to verify whether your state or local government requires Tier 4 compliance. This is an especially important step to take in states with stricter emissions standards.

Exemption for Nonroad Applications

The exemption for nonroad applications is rather broad and covers engines of all sizes. Exemptions for nonroad applications cover self-propelled equipment. Equipment propelled during operation is exempt as long as these vehicles are never utilized on public roads. In short, the nonroad exemption covers the majority of generators used in construction, agricultural, or industrial applications.

The Advantage of Tier 4 Compliant Systems

You may be wondering whether it is to your advantage to upgrade your generator to a Tier 4 compliant system. There are many advantages to this choice.

Gen-Tech can help you maintain compliance with Tier 4 regulations. Contact us with your questions and to learn more about the compliant generator systems we offer.

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