Do You Need a Mobile Generator Rental for Your Business?

The ripples from the spread of COVID-19 are already starting to spread across the country. As they do, many businesses are concerned about the reliability of the power supply. It’s a mixed bag, and there is good, bad, and unknown news to consider.

The Good News

Right now, US utility providers have a significant cushion based on current needs. As shutdowns spread across the country, the cushion is increasing. Ultimately, it means that utility providers have more than sufficient capacity to deliver the required power to the community.

The Bad News

The economy is already taking a beating, and it’s just beginning. This means that funding for new power plants, wind turbines, and solar projects will be pushed aside. When business will return to normal remains to be seen, but when it does, it’s likely to take a significant amount of time for companies and governments to recover their losses and invest in these much-needed projects. At this point, power shortages could become increasingly common. However, that is well into the future.

The Unknowns

Right now, utility providers across the country are enacting their emergency response plans. Many have elevated threat levels and are preparing facilities to sequester staff to keep the power flowing. However, the weakest link in the chain is the personnel required to operate these facilities and repair damage to the power grid. If these individuals become ill or if there is not enough personnel to repair damage from windstorms, tornadoes, flooding, etc., then power disruptions are likely to occur.

Preparing for the Worst

Does COVID-19 mean the end of life as we know it? Absolutely not. However, it is now more than likely that the next few months are going to be very rough for businesses throughout the country. All business owners should ensure that they have backup power generation systems in place, including access to a mobile generator rental. This can help protect frozen and cold storage, as well as any critical computer systems, servers, and other systems that require consistent power supplies.

However, there are a limited number of mobile generator rentals available. Thus, businesses should act quickly. Though this is a unique moment in history. Demand for power in Italy where the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading out of control is down by nearly 20% right now. That said, as lockdowns in the US mean more schools, universities, stores, factories, and offices close, it is leading to a significant uptick in residential demand. If the power providers get it wrong and don’t match the required production, businesses without a mobile generator rental could be left in the dark.

For more about securing a mobile generator rental for your business, contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324. It’s our pleasure to help your business prepare for any potential disruptions to your operations.

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