Diesel Generators Are a Viable Option for Reliable Power When Wildfires Flare Up

While it is only February, June isn’t that far away. For residents of Arizona, California, Colorado, Utah, and the rest of the West, that means wildfire season is lurking just over the horizon. While this winter has been relatively quiet, signs are starting to point to a very active fire season ahead. All signs point to the need to reach out to a generator rental company now to ensure that you have mobile power generators should you need them in the future.

Drought Persists Across Much of the West

Below normal precipitation and above normal temperatures are exacerbating drought conditions throughout the plains and much of the west. Conditions in Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico are of particular concern. In fact, much of the High Plains are listed as having exceptional drought conditions.

As February turns into March and March moves into April, the potential for significant wildfires will expand from West Texas to include all of Texas, Oklahoma, Eastern New Mexico, Southern Colorado, Arizona, and Kansas. Forecasters are currently anticipating warm, dry conditions that will persist throughout the spring and into summer. This means that it’s all but guaranteed that wildfires will again dominate the headlines as the weather warms up.

Lessons Learned from Last Year’s California Fires

2020 was one of the worst wildfire seasons in history. California, Colorado, and other states experienced disasters of unprecedented scale. These fires burned right through power grids and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people.

Diesel power generators helped restore power to countless communities affected by these wildfires. Mobile power generator systems provided sub-station level power that bought time for technicians to repair damaged power lines, rebuild damaged substations, and restore power to the affected regions.

The bottom line is that regulators learned that the relaxation of emissions regulations did not significantly increase pollution but rather facilitated the rapid rebuilding of communities.

Preparing for Every Possibility

Preparedness is crucial for communities across the region we serve at Gen-Tech. We strongly recommend that city managers, business owners, community managers, and others take steps now to ensure they have a reliable backup power generator rental ready to go if the flames start to rise. Our generator rental company works closely with government entities, chambers of commerce, business owners, and others to ensure that backup power generator systems are available and ready to go when and where they are needed.

Make Backup Power Central To Your Emergency Plans

How much power do you need? How long will you need backup power? What sized mobile generator system do you need? These are all vital questions to answer, and the team at Gen-Tech is ready to help you answer them.

We invite you to contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists to schedule a meeting with our emergency preparedness experts. As the region’s top generator rental company, it is our pleasure to help you forecast your needs and identify the best systems to keep your community, business, or neighborhood safe and secure if the power grid fails.

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