Demand Is Up, Supply Is Down, the Time To Order a New Generator Is Now

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to fuel strong demand for standby generator systems. While our generator technicians are busy installing systems, our sales teams are working hard to secure the generators our clients require. If you are considering purchasing a generator for your business, we recommend completing your order sooner rather than later.

Demand Is Rising

Demand for standby generator systems has increased steadily in recent years. As concerns over climate change and grid failures grew, so too did the demand for the standby generators necessary to shield businesses from the delays and disruptions caused by blackouts, brownouts, and rolling power outages.

Then came COVID-19. And, while everyone expected the pandemic to shatter the economy, the opposite proved true.

Businesses Are Shifting Gears

Businesses shifted gears, adjusted operations, and continued moving forward in response to the pandemic. However, the supply chain was shaken to its core. This meant mines produced fewer of the raw materials required by factories to produce standby generators. It meant factories couldn’t get all of the components they needed to assemble finished generators. And, border closures and reduced shipping capacity made it difficult to move finished generators from manufacturer to distributor.

Global Demand Surged

Global demand for standby generators increased at the same time demand in the United States was rising. This further reduced the available supply. And, it’s not over yet. As new variants emerge and countries reenter lockdowns and reintroduce restrictions, it means that the kinks in the chain are unlikely to straighten any time in the near future. Indeed, it may be another year or more before things begin to stabilize.

Delays Are Growing

Depending on the system, delivery times for standby generators can be many months out. That is significantly longer than previous years, and with the economy chugging along, it’s all but certain these delivery times will increase as commercial enterprises flush with cash invest in standby generator systems.

Speed Is the Solution

Our generator technicians are working round the clock to install, service, and repair the generator systems our clients depend on. And, our sales teams are pulling out all the stops to provide expedient delivery of the new systems our clients require. As the end of the fiscal year looms in the not-too-distant future, demand is increasing as companies seek to spend down budgets. As a result, we are already fielding many calls from prospective customers and existing clients.

The bottom line is that if you want to purchase and install a standby generator in the next year, now is the time to make your decision and finalize your purchase.

Our generator technicians are happy to answer your questions about standby generator systems. We invite you to contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 to learn more about our available systems, the systems we can order, and the current expected delivery times.

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