Demand for Power Generation Equipment Is Kicking Into High Gear

COVID-19 has sparked a sharp increase in orders for power generation equipment. As concerns over the reliability of the power grid grow, companies around the world are positioning themselves to keep the lights on in the face of an ongoing pandemic. For companies looking to install power generation equipment, sooner is better than later. If there is a sharp spike in orders, manufacturers could become swamped as supply chain problems and limited manufacturing capacity make it difficult for them to keep up with demand.

Global Demand Is Skyrocketing

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, growth forecasts for portable power generation were solid. However, those forecasts didn’t take into account the grip of a global pandemic and the widespread disruptions it could cause. Moreover, concerns regarding the reliability of the power supply are causing many companies to purchase portable power generators as part of evolving emergency action plans.

The Asia-Pacific region, Latin America, and the Middle East are where demand will grow the most. Demand for diesel generators in these regions is expected to be the strongest. This is not surprising as diesel power generators are renowned for their reliability, ease of service, fuel availability, and availability of both spare parts and qualified service technicians familiar with diesel fuel systems. This makes them ideal for use around the world.

Don’t Count on Rentals

For years, many companies have relied on rental generators to fill their needs. This cost-saving strategy was effective and allowed companies to secure the power they needed without investing in power generation equipment of their own.

However, as more companies seek out rental generators, their availability is becoming tighter and tighter. As increased numbers of manufacturers, telecom providers, small businesses, etc., need generators, fewer power generators will be available to satisfy demand.

That means that now is an ideal time to get ahead of the curve. While investing in power generation equipment is a significant investment, it is an investment that will most certainly pay off in the long-term. Having ready access to power means that businesses can quickly take advantage of profitable opportunities without having to spend time searching for the generators required to do the job. Purchasing power generators now will make your business more nimble and flexible, which is going to be a significant advantage in the coming years. It also means you won’t have to turn away or delay projects because power generators aren’t available for rental.

GenTech Is Ready to Help

We are adjusting our operations and offerings to meet the evolving needs of our clients. We are prepared to deliver the equipment and services your business needs from increasing rental availability to expediting delivery and installation of new power generation equipment. We invite you to contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 to learn more about the steps we’re taking to ensure our clients have the power they need. It is our pleasure to help you determine the best way forward for your business.

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