Data Centers Benefit From Regular Load Bank Testing

Modern life depends on the steady and reliable stream of data into our phones, computers, tablets, and more. When disruptions take your data center down, the effects will ripple far beyond the walls of your building. Staying on top of the load bank testing schedule ensures your data center is up and running regardless of disruptions to the grid. This will not only protect your clients from harm, but it will also help protect the stellar reputation of your company.

Load Bank Testing Avoids Disasters

It doesn’t matter whether you have a few thousand or a few million clients. Each of them depends on your services for their needs. Hiring an EGSA certified technician to perform regular load bank testing ensures that your power generation systems can generate the capacity you need to keep the center operational. Indeed, when done correctly, your clients will never know that your facility has lost power.

Of course, the opposite is also true. If you skip load bank testing or fail to take corrective action when problems are discovered, power failure can be a precursor to business failure. While you may survive one outage, subsequent outages will erode the trust of your clients and their willingness to depend on your services. Whenever your data center goes down, you cost them money and diminish their ability to serve their clients. When a better deal comes along from a competitor with a staunch reputation for reliability, they will bolt like a horse in a thunderstorm.

Load Bank Testing Leads To Better Maintenance

Thermal imaging tests and other inspections can detect a wide range of problems with your power generation systems. When paired with load bank testing, these tests and the data they create make it possible for EGSA certified technicians to perform the appropriate maintenance tasks and tune-ups that keep your system operating at optimal performance levels.

This not only reduces wear and tear on the power generation equipment, but it also extends its operational lifespan and reduces your long-term repair and maintenance expenses. The bottom line is that it makes your systems more reliable and provides genuine protection for your business should the power grid falter and fail.

Load Bank Testing is Fast

Most load bank tests take less than a couple of hours to complete. For instance, the NFPA-110 test takes 2-hours to complete. Other tests may be completed in an hour or less. It’s a short amount of time to invest when you consider the long-term savings and benefits you will enjoy.

At Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists, our EGSA certified technicians are happy to provide testing services tailored to the needs of your data center. We encourage you to contact us at (800) 625-8324 to learn more about our load bank testing services and to schedule a test at the next possible opportunity.

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