Critical Errors To Avoid With Your New Generator

It is exciting to purchase a new generator system. However, it is important not to get lost in the excitement and ignore the importance of maintenance and care. Whether it’s a portable generator for your home or a standby generator for your business, you want to avoid the following critical errors.

Ignoring Service & Delaying Maintenance

Always adhere to your generator’s service schedule. The manufacturer knows their machine and will recommend a schedule based on standard use. However, if you operate the generator in non-standard conditions, you will want to adjust your service schedule to take this into account. Further, don’t delay known maintenance issues. No matter how large or small the problem, it will get worse the longer you ignore it.

Buying Substandard Fuel

Every homeowner, business owner, and retiree likes to save money. But, pinching pennies can be a pound foolish when it comes to fuel. You can find cheap fuel almost anywhere, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good bargain. In fact, running cheap fuel through your system can clog filters and damage critical engine components. The result is that you will spend more money on repairs and replacement parts and eliminate any savings you’ve made buying fuel for a few cents less per gallon.

Ignoring the Oil

Oil changes need to happen regularly. As oil fills with debris and oil levels run low, damage to your genset is guaranteed to happen. Failure to change the oil and ensure proper oil levels can cause your engine to seize and your generator to fail in a critical moment.

Hiring Cheap Labor

All generators will require professional service and repairs at some point in their serviceable life. When your generator needs maintenance, repairs, or replacement components, spend the money to hire an EGSA certified specialist. Paying for their expertise helps protect your system from poor quality workmanship and slipshod repair that can cause even more damage to your generator.

Ignoring Training

Some generators require only knowing how to turn a switch on and off; most require much more knowledge to operate. If you have a portable standby generator in your facility, make sure that you have a dedicated team of fully trained employees who can operate the generator and troubleshoot problems.

You Can Trust Gen-Tech With Your New Generator

We don’t just sell some of the highest quality generators in the country; we also provide full-service solutions that help our clients keep their generator systems operational. We encourage you to contact us at (800) 625-8324 to learn more about the new generators we offer and the services our EGSA certified technicians perform. It is our pleasure to help you choose a new generator that is best suited for your needs.

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