Common Problems With a Portable Air Compressor

Air compressors are the hidden heroes of your worksite. They supply the power that everything from jackhammers to nail guns depend on for smooth and efficient operation. Everything from low oil to improper maintenance can cause an air compressor to fail.

When the air compressor goes down, your machines go silent, which is why it is vital to understand the problems that can arise and the solutions that can get your machines humming along again. The following are some of the most common causes of portable compressor failure we see:

Failure to Start

When a diesel-powered portable air compressor fails to start, this can be because of any number of reasons. One of the most common is battery failure. When the battery fails, it can trip the safety switch and prevent the compressor from powering up.

Compression Problems

Problems with fuel compression are another common cause of portable air compressor failure. When the unit is running on bad fuel, it can diminish the capacity of the air compressor and cause the machines to receive far less air flow than they require for efficient operation.

Further, when the portable air compressor has no pressure, it can signify problems with the inlet/loading valve. Inspecting these for signs of obstruction or damage can quickly identify the problem and make it possible to conduct the necessary repair.

Fuel and Oil System Problems

Fuel problems are a common cause of failure and fuel filters are a frequent culprit. When the fuel filter is clogged, it can prevent adequate flow of fuel into the engine. The frequency of required changes depends on the location of the generator and the quality of the fuel you are using. In regard to fuel, it should be tested either annually, semi-annually, or quarterly based on the recommendations of the manufacturer and your EGSA certified technician.

It is also vital to check the oil. Dirty oil is a notoriously common cause of air compressor failure. Problems with the oil can include a dirty oil separator or a clogged scavenge line. Other oil related causes of air compressor failure is that the tank is filled with too much oil or that the wrong type of oil has been deposited in the reservoir. It is important to note that conducting a compressor oil analysis regularly can help you identify problems within your oil system which can considerably reduce the risk of damaging the unit.

Engine Failures

Engine failures are a common cause of portable air compressor failures. The causes of engine failures include dirty air inlets, clogged oil filters, a faulty speed controller, improper timing settings within the speed controller, or a clogged exhaust system.

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