Choosing & Using Prime Power to Your Advantage

Industrial prime power makes it possible for you to do business wherever your business is located. Whether you operate an oil platform in the gulf, or a clinic in the desert, your operations can depend on the supply of reliable energy that a prime power generator creates.

Identifying the Right Generator for Your Needs

Careful planning and thoughtful consideration are essential when selecting an industrial prime power system. Failure to choose the right system can result in system failure, operational delays, and damaged equipment.

First and foremost, it is crucial to select a system capable of delivering sufficient power for your operational requirements. In many instances, this requires calculating future growth into the equation. To account for this, it is common for operators to select systems that can be interconnected and operated as part of a power management system.

It is also crucial to identify the most appropriate fuel. Whether that is diesel or gaseous, you will need to consider storage requirements, fuel availability, and price volatility into your long-term planning.

Similarly, you need to account for any specific site considerations including environmental regulations and challenges inherent to positioning and maintaining the system in the desired location.

Establishing Parallel System Operations

Paralleling allows you to connect and synchronize two or more generators within an overall power management system. In this configuration, each generator within the power management system is connected to a common bus, the proper frequency and phase rotation of the generators are matched, and the phase voltages of each unit are set within the specified voltage range.

The Advantages of Parallel Configurations

This configuration offers numerous advantages. The most important is that it is scalable. This means you can add or subtract generators as your operations gear up or wind down. This helps you save fuel and prevents overloading.

Parallel configurations create redundancy and reliability. Should a generator fail, the load is automatically redistributed to the other generators within the configuration. Similarly, parallel systems make it possible to take malfunctioning generators off-line without disrupting operations. In a parallel system, the damaged generator can be bypassed while service is performed and reconnected when repairs are complete.

Another advantage is that parallel systems can move with your operations. As power is needed on another site, the spare generator(s) can be moved and repositioned with relative ease.

Finally, parallel configurations deliver a high degree of efficiency. The design of the system makes it possible for you to optimize energy production to meet your needs without wasting power. This saves you fuel and reduces your long-term maintenance expenses.

Gen-Tech has a wide range of generators capable of delivering the industrial prime power your business requires. We invite you to contact us at (800) 625-8324 to learn more about the features our generators offer that make it possible for you to operate wherever your business may venture.

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