Choosing the Right Company for Your Generator Maintenance

Your power generators are more than a significant investment. They power the tools and equipment your employees depend upon for their jobs. When your generator goes down, production suffers, client needs end up unmet, and employees waste valuable time idling until repairs are complete. That is why it is crucial to choose the right generator maintenance company. The “right” company has the tools, training, and expertise required to keep your systems operational, your production on track, and your employees busy doing their jobs.

Hire Proactive Generator Technicians

Proactive maintenance is always better than reactionary responses. Addressing mechanical faults and defects before they cause disruptions helps protect the equipment from damage and keeps employees safe from harm. The right technician will help you develop a maintenance plan and establish a service schedule for your specific generator. They will also help you determine what training programs, reporting requirements, and maintenance budget you should set for your gen set.

Hire Knowledgeable Technicians

Thoroughly review the skills and knowledge of your generator maintenance technicians. The company you contract to perform maintenance tasks must know how to do the job correctly. Always pay attention to the company’s record and reputation for reliability. It is also vital that they have specific experience and training to service the makes and models of the generators you operate and the environments that they operate within. The right knowledge set is important because the operating environment can have a significant impact on the maintenance schedule and plan.

Further, a knowledgeable technician can help train your personnel on how to correctly perform basic maintenance tasks. This hands-on training helps ensure that they are comfortable with the basics of power generation and can take care of standard operational needs without damaging the gen set. This is imperative because many generator service calls are the result of untrained employees performing repairs that they are unqualified to conduct.

Hire the Highest Standards; Not the Lowest Price

If you want to protect your bottom line, generator maintenance is not an area where you want to shave a few bucks off the budget. If you attempt to save a dime on maintenance, you will usually end up spending a dollar down the road.

Rather than focusing on cost, focus on skills, knowledge, and reputation. You want to choose a generator maintenance provider that is available 24/7 with the solutions your teams can depend upon to maintain your generators. You want a company that knows how to communicate faults discovered during maintenance, repair cost, and service outcomes. The better the company is at doing these things, the stronger the relationships they form with clients. In turn, this translates into better service and improved operational reliability.

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