Choosing the Right Air Compressor to Get the Job Done

Getting the job done quickly and efficiently often boils down to having the right air compressor on-site. Choosing carefully is critical, as a unit that is too small won’t supply the power your tools need to perform the tasks required. Taking the time to choose the right one is an investment in a job well-done.

Rotary Screw Compressors

Most commonly used for construction purposes, a rotary screw air compressor pressurizes the air through the use of twin, interlocking screws that twist within a narrow chamber. This highly effective operation means that the air compressor is capable of delivering instant pressurization. Moreover, it means that the system does not require a tank to store the air.

A rotary screw air compressor can deliver sufficient power for multiple tools at the same time. As your demands on the air supply grow, the engine increases speed to deliver the supply you need. As your demand declines, the electronic governor reduces engine speed. This design delivers a high-degree of efficiency and reliability.

Piston Powered Air Compressors

If you are using mostly small tools, a rotary screw compressor may supply far more power than you need. Piston powered air compressors are ideal for use with paint sprayers, brad nailers, and many other handheld tools.

Piston powered compressors compress air through the motion of the piston. As the piston moves down, it creates a vacuum; when the piston moves up, it compresses the air and pushes it from the chamber through a discharge port and into a holding tank. The engine stops when the tank is filled to the preset limit, and turns back on when the pressure within the tank drops. One disadvantage of this type of system is that it is quite easy to run out of air in the tank if you have multiple tools operating at the same time.

The Power to Perform

The following are common air powered tools and the compression required to power each one up.

Brad Nailer Up to 2 cfm & between 30 to 50 psi
1/2 Impact Wrench Up to 20 cfm & between 30 to 60 psi
Chippers & Hammers Approximately 30 cfm & 100 psi
60 lb. Breaker 75 cfm & between 80 to 100 psi
90 lb. Breaker 90 cfm & between 80 to 100 psi
Jackhammer 115 cfm & between 80 to 100 psi
Sandblasters Up to 450 cfm & between 50 to 140 psi
HVLP Sprayer Up to 20 cfm & between 30 to 60 psi
Framing Nailer Up to 6 cfm & between 50 to 120 psi
Grinder Up to 6 cfm & up to 90 psi
Air Paint Brush Up to 11 cfm & up to 90 psi

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