Choosing the Best Power Generation Equipment for Construction

Whether you are building a road or constructing a home in the wilderness, it’s imperative to carefully choose the mobile power generation equipment you will need to do the job. This requires careful planning and thorough consideration of the tasks required to complete the job. At Gen-Tech, our specialists can help you identify the best system based on the equipment you will operate and the conditions you expect on the worksite.

Considerations for Power Generation on Construction Sites

Maximum Output Matters

Make sure that the maximum output of your power generation equipment is sufficient for your needs. You will want to determine the total wattage required by your tools and machinery before choosing which generator you want to rent or purchase. You want to spend significant time on this task because if you choose a generator with insufficient output, your machinery will go idle, and you’ll increase strain on your system, which could lead to breakdowns. Too large, and you’ll waste fuel and increase the total construction cost.

Fuel Choice

Always consider fuel availability and access. Ensure that you have a ready supply of fuel for your generator, whether you choose a diesel or gaseous system. In many cases, choosing a bi-fuel or dual fuel system can alleviate any fuel availability and cost problems.

It would be best if you also considered the necessary runtime. If you plan to operate your power generation equipment for a full day or extended workdays, you will need greater fuel storage capacity and more frequent deliveries.

Noise Regulations

Even the quietest generators can run afoul of noise ordinances. While not a significant factor in remote locations, if your construction site is in a residential or commercial area, you will want to research the area’s maximum noise rating. Most power generation equipment operates around 70 dB(A) at a distance of 23 feet. However, as a general rule, remember that the larger the generator, the greater the sound it will generate.


All power generation equipment requires regular maintenance. Before making a purchase or rental, you will want to secure a maintenance plan to keep your generator humming along. Even the best-built generator can suffer a sudden failure, and a maintenance plan is an insurance policy that offers fast and reliable repairs.


Most construction sites are not well secured and are often deserted during non-working hours. Mobile power generation equipment is a considerable investment that is designed to be portable. Invest the time and resources required to develop a custom security plan designed to protect your mobile generator systems from theft, damage, and fuel pilferage.

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