Choose the Back Up Generator That Will Always Have Your Back

As the population has grown and more businesses have been opened and others expanded, the demand for electricity has increased. The increase has put a strain on the power grid which is yet to be adequately upgraded to meet the increased demand. Add natural disasters and it is clear why every home and business needs to back up its power supply.

Choosing a back up generator

There are several brands, models and types of back up generators.  Choosing the right one for your needs can be overwhelming. One choice is between automatic and portable generators. Automatic ones are a top choice. They start up within seconds of a power outage and automatically turn off once power is restored.

A portable one will need to be taken outside or there may need to extension cords in the home for it to be connected. It will also require a gasoline refill to run. This is not only inconvenient but also more costly than automatic ones which run on natural gas or LP fuel supply.

Automatic ones are also safer because, with correct installation, there is no risk of carbon dioxide poisoning compared to portable ones which  present some risk. For this reason, The American Red Cross recommends permanently installed back up generators over portable ones.

What are your specific needs?

Another question that will need to be answered is which functions you want  backed up. You may choose to backup the entire home or office or only critical functions, such as the security system, lighting, the refrigerator, and freezer, water heater, and air conditioning. Businesses may also choose to have back up only for normal business hours.

The generator’s source of fuel is another factor. A back up generator is typically powered by natural gas or diesel.

You will also need to size up the generator you choose, so it can handle your power load, whether you are going for full or selected functions backup.

Choosing your brand of back up generator

After knowing what your specific back up needs are and the back up generator that would best serve you, you need to decide which brand you will go for. You can ask friends, family, and neighbors who have had one installed for recommendations. You can also carry out an online search for the best brands.

The name Gen-Tech will consistently come up. When you purchase a back up generator from Gen-Tech, you’ll be joining a band of customers who are not only happy  with their generator but the after-sales services, readily available parts, scheduled service, and 24/7 emergency response.

Once you contact Gen-Tech, an expert will visit you to determine your needs, and best choice for a back up generator. Get in touch and you can be sure you will always be in the light.


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