Can Your Building Engineers Spot Power Problems?

The more hands you have, the lighter the load. As a building manager or property owner, your building engineers, handymen, and techs are the men and women who help you shoulder the burdens of generating power on your property. Your business depends on their knowledge. Fortunately, the professional educators at Gen-Tech know how to teach them the skills they need to keep your business operational.

3 Powerful Days of Instruction

Our facility in Glendale, Arizona sets the standard for rigorous and knowledgable generator instruction. The Air Cooled Generator Training Course we teach in Arizona does not require any previous experience to master. In three days, students within this course learn everything they need to know about how to troubleshoot and repair our air cooled generators. The course focuses on generator fundamentals, electrical safety, and proper installation and operation. Upon completion, graduates will have the skills they need to operate their generator, troubleshoot problems, and conduct repairs.

Addressing Problems Before They Become Emergencies

Almost every major generator problem starts out small. When small problems go undetected, they can lead to production delays, damage inventory, and require extensive and expensive repairs. It is our belief that it is always best to address minor problems before they lead to costly repairs. That is why the focus of our training curriculum is to teach students how to identify small problems before they worsen. We help students understand what symptoms to look for and identify the most efficient methods for correcting the issue. This helps you maintain operational efficiency and mitigate any inconvenience a downed generator would create in your operations.

Customized Solutions Geared for Growth

Every company has unique needs that require customized training solutions. Our customized courses make it possible for you to provide the training your employees need to perform their regular job duties. Our customized courses can be provided on-site or within our training facility. Depending on your requirements, our generator training course can include instruction on AC/DC circuits and magnetism, governors, components, fuel systems, and other elements essential for safe and efficient generator operation.

Students within each customized course will receive a training manual that they can refer to during the performance of their duties. This helps ensure that the information covered within the course remains a ready reference that is always at their fingertips.

Contact Us to Learn More about Gen-Tech’s Training

Gen-Tech can train your engineers, handymen, and technicians to spot power problems before they can cause damage to life, machinery, or production capacity. Contact us with your questions and to learn more about the training programs we offer in the region. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you determine which training programs are best suited for your needs.

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