Can You Afford a Power Outage?

As you consider the types of standby generators your business needs, it can be tempting to look at the price and decide you can’t afford it. And, to be sure, it is a considerable investment. However, the most critical question isn’t whether you can afford a standby generator; it’s whether you can afford not to buy a standby generator. The reality is that loss of power can cost you dearly, and the costs can add up and multiply every hour your operations are in the dark. So, when it comes to things you need to consider, the following are at the top of the list.

Consider the Financial Cost

When your systems go down, the revenue stream grinds to a halt. Orders aren’t filled. Customers aren’t served. New business isn’t pursued. And, if you have temperature-sensitive inventory, there is a genuine risk of product spoilage and loss. These costs can add up quickly and weigh heavily on your bottom line. The reality is that even a small business can lose more than the cost of a new standby generator in a short period of time.

Consider the Cost of Repairs

Sudden power loss can damage sensitive electronics, motors, and other mechanical equipment. It can result in the loss of significant amounts of data. And, all of this needs to be repaired and restored simply to get your business back on a sound footing. This takes time, costs money, and puts further stress and strain on your business and your employees.

Consider the Cost To Your Reputation

21st-century consumers are finicky. They want it fast, and they want it now. Any delay in service or product delivery can cause them to cancel orders, switch suppliers, and take their business elsewhere. Further, suppose you deliver a substandard product damaged by a power outage. In that case, it can lead to product returns, warranty service, and negative reviews that can turn prospective clients into clients who will take their business to your competitors.

Consider the Alternative

Many types of standby generators can protect your business from sudden and potentially prolonged power loss. At Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists, we can help you choose the system that fits within your budget and will deliver the power you need to keep your business humming along.

It is our pleasure to help you mitigate the risks posed by an aging power grid, changing climates, and “Acts of God” or negligence that can rise over the horizon without any warning. We believe that proactive planning is always better than the alternative and we work hard to ensure our clients are well prepared for the possibility of power loss.

We encourage you to contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 to speak with our generator sales team about the types of standby generators we recommend for your business. We are happy to answer your questions and help you determine which system is best suited for your operations.

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