Businesses Should Know This of Fuel Maintenance & Storage

What you don’t know about fuel storage and maintenance can cost you a pretty penny. Failure to properly maintain your fuel supplies can mean lost inventory, damage to your power generator and machinery, and fines that can sink your bottom line. When it comes to your operations, proper fuel maintenance should always be a top priority.

Keep Your Fuel Fresh

If you keep your diesel fuel clean, cool, and dry, you can store it for up to 1 year without significant fuel degradation. However, it is a carbon-based petrochemical, which means it starts to oxidize the moment it leaves the refinery. The longer you store your fuel, the higher the possibility that sediments and gums will form and clog up your generator. This can significantly damage fuel injectors, fuel lines, and the engine.

Keeping your tank full minimizes condensation in the tank. It is also advisable to introduce diesel fuel treatments to demulsify water within the fuel. This is crucial if the fuel contains biodiesel, which has higher water content. Similarly, add a diesel fuel stabilizer, which helps retard sediment formation and will clean and lubricate your fuel injectors to improve generator performance.

Maintain Your Fuel Tanks

Fuel tanks are often overlooked, but they are as critical as the fuel you buy and the generators you operate. Regularly test your tank for water. Failure to do this can result in rust formation and the proliferation of microorganisms, which can contaminate your fuel supply. Pay particular attention to gaskets and fill points as these are common points of entry for moisture.

It is advisable to thoroughly drain and clean your tank at least once every ten years. However, take caution with this recommendation. You may need to do this with an increased frequency depending on your climate, and the type and quality of your fuel. If you operate in a wet climate such as a coastal zone, you will need to do this more frequently than if you operate in a desert. Similarly, if your fuel supplier regularly supplies biodiesel or substandard fuel, you may need to do this every 5 years.

Adhere to Regulations

No business owner wants to receive a nastygram from the EPA or other regulatory agencies. It would help if you routinely verified that your tanks are compliant with current regulations established by the EPA, OSHA, NFPA, etc. When regulatory changes occur, make sure your business doesn’t delay adopting the appropriate fuel maintenance and storage standard. Failure to do so can result in hefty fines, increased oversight of your operations, and lost income while you shut down to rectify the stated deficiency.

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