Benefits of Modular Power

Power needs are constantly changing. They change with the job and with the seasons. One day you need more power, and the next you may not need as much. Modular power systems allow you to roll with these changes. There are many benefits to modular power systems. The primary benefit is that modular systems make it possible to maintain efficient operations. This helps conserve resources, keeps costs down, and minimizes the risks of damaging the generator(s).

Modular Power Reduces the Risks of Overloading

Every electric generator has a maximum capacity for generating electricity. For most generators, this is approximately 746 watts for every 1 horsepower. Some of this power is required for the mechanical operation of the engine. Thus, the usable output is actually less. Overloading the generator for more than a few seconds could trip the circuit breaker(s) taking the generator out of service. This can damage loads and lead to operational delays. Repeated overloading can damage the windings within the alternator. This can cause engine failure and reduce the lifespan of the generator.

Modular Power Creates Flexibility

Operating multiple generators in parallel configurations allows you to generate the necessary electric current at any given time. It also allows for power to be available from the remaining generators even if one of the generators in the system goes out of service. It allows percentage of reliability figures to be in the 99.99% range. It is crucial to synchronize generators in this configuration to match the voltage, frequency, and phase required before connecting them to a common buss. This is all done by the generator control panel nowadays as opposed to the very expensive and complex free standing switchgear required in the past. When done correctly, this creates a flexible power supply that spreads the load evenly between multiple generators. This helps ensure you have the power required to perform the job at hand.

Modular Systems Are Easy to Install and Service

Installing lighter systems is important on rooftops and other areas where the installation of a heavy generator with a larger footprint isn’t feasible. The compact design of modular power generators makes it easy to locate them in the desired space without the need for additional supports.

Further, modular systems are also easier to service. When one generator requires maintenance, the damaged generator can be disconnected from the buss without disrupting the continued operation of the other generators. In Healthcare applications, it eliminates the need to bring in a rental generator while service is being performed.

Modular Power Systems Reduce Performance & Maintenance Related Expenses

Operating a diesel engine at load levels less than 50% of the generators capacity leads to a condition known as “wet stacking”. Wet stacking refers to unburned fuel deposits developing within the engine due to the lower engine temperatures because on the low load levels. Over time, these unburned fuel deposits will cause performance and service related issues. Modular power systems help deliver optimum fuel efficiency and load levels on the generators by being able to control how many generators are available on the buss and thereby controlling load levels on each generator; keeping them in the optimum load level range of 50%-80% of the generator’s capacity.

It also helps ensure that each generator within the system isn’t overloaded. These benefits reduce overall wear and tear. In turn, this ensures the maximum operational lifespan possible. The savings from optimum fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance, and replacement can be poured back into the business and used to generate revenue rather than power.

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