Benefits Of Industrial Prime Power Generator Systems

While many people already know about generators for home use, there are a few reasons to know about generators for Industrial use too.  Businesses and companies around the world that need to have continuous power will use an Industrial Prime generator.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a warehouse, a remote mining location, or you simply have a company that uses utility applications, the benefits of Industrial Prime generators are something you should be looking into.

Dependable In Every Location

There are a few different generators available, but Diesel-fueled generators are some of the best on the market.  Not only do they meet and exceed performance levels, but they can be run long-term in almost any situation.  These Industrial Power generators also offer the best in fuel efficiency and are top notch if you’re looking for an uninterruptible supply of power.

Save Money, Reduce Energy And Cut Carbon Output

Most people that use generators today don’t just want raw power.  They also want a way to save money, help reduce energy consumption, and a way to reduce carbon output.  Thankfully, Industrial Prime generators offer all these benefits.

One of the best reasons is because these Prime generators use pipeline natural gas OR an alternative gaseous fuel.  These two options allow for higher efficiency, but a lower level of Nox and other types of pollutants being released into the environment.

Beneficial To All Industries

Even if you don’t run/own a warehouse or a mining corporation, you can benefit from using a Prime Power generator and industrial power sales.  Some of the other types of businesses who use these generators include:

Healthcare:  Perfect for hospitals, doctor offices, veterinarians, nursing homes, or surgery centers.

Data Centers:  Even companies like Microsoft are switching from diesel fuel generators to more sustainable options.  Data centers benefit from generators by keeping their power grid online – 24/7 365 days a year!

Agriculture:  Perfect for irrigation systems, animal husbandry dairy ops, milking, harvesting, greenhouse operations and more.

Education and Institutional Facilities:  Whether it’s a pre-school, elementary school, high school, college, or any number of education organizations, they can all benefit from power generators.   Whether it’s keeping fire alarms active,  keeping computer networks up and running, or even keeping the cooling system and elevators running.

Retail Shops:  This might seem like a really surprising industry that would need a generator, but if there is ever an outage, it’s important to keep things running:

Department Store:  You’ll need to keep the lights on, security systems running, and payment stations available.

Car Dealership:  You’ll need to keep security cameras working, lights on, alarm systems on, and computers ready to go.

Gas Station:  A generator will keep pumps running, ensure payment systems are up and ready to go, and make sure the alarms and security systems are working  They will, of course,  also keep the lights on in an emergency.

If you’re interested in industrial power sales or purchasing a generator for your business, contact Gen-Tech today.

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