Benefits Of A Special Event Generator For Rent

While there is nothing fancy about a special event generator for rent, you should know how powerful, beneficial and efficient they are.  There is really nothing worse than losing power during a special event when your city is having a heatwave or losing power during a wedding because of an electrical storm.  Below, you’ll see just a few reasons you should consider a special event generator for rent, as well as different places you can use one.

Benefits Of A Generator

Smaller Means Quieter

If you have ever been in the presence of those big industrial generators for a business, you know these can be loud.  Thankfully, you only need a smaller generator for a special event and smaller means quieter!

Portable Means Efficiency!

Standby generators are a more permanent option, but a  portable special event generator for rent comes in two different options, both of which are portable.

1- Towable generators:  These can be latched on to a car or truck and towed from one location to another.  They also have tires which means you can unlatch the towing vehicle and leave the generators on their own.

2- Power Modules:  These are significantly larger and require a tractor to move. These are often used for concerts, data centers, hospitals, Hotels or municipalies.

Both of these options do have a low DBA, but the towable is significantly quieter since it is smaller.

The size of the generator is really going to depend on:

– How long the event is ie, how long you want backup power
– What types of items will the power be supporting (DJ, music, lights, refrigeration, etc)
– What watts or kilowatts those items are

The place you rent the generator from can help you figure it all out, just give them a call.

More Examples Of Where A Generator Will Benefit You

– Venues
– Stadiums
– Event Feeds
– Festivals
– Fairs
– Circus
– Exhibit Halls / Art Galleries / Music Halls
– Corporate Events / Parties
– Flea Markets
– Dance
– Workshop
– Craft Events

and more!

If you do decide you need a special event generator for rent, make sure that you have these pieces of information nearby:

– The location where you will need the rental
– How long you need it for
– The reason/use for the generator
– An estimated amount of time you will run it for
– Do you need cable rentals?  If so, how many feet?
– Payment Information

If you would like to set up a rental for your next party or event, contact GenTech  on the website or call Toll Free (800) 625-8324 for more information.


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