Automatic Transfer Switches Protect Systems and Productivity

Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) protect your systems from damage and ensure that productivity doesn’t plummet when the power goes down. By detecting power failures instantly, an ATS is a cost-effective solution to protect your operations regardless of weather conditions and other factors you can’t control. These can be installed on both portable and permanently installed standby generators.

Advantages of ATS

ATS systems are designed to deliver uninterrupted power to your home or business. They protect you from power loss caused by electrical outages caused by weather events and faults within the power grid. This creates a reliable flow of power to machinery, computers, and the myriad of electronics you depend upon. In turn, this helps you maintain a safe and efficient environment that protects machinery from failing and employees from harm. ATS systems are ideal for use in hospitals, factories, schools, restaurants, and other facilities where loss of power can cause significant disruption and damage. It is an invaluable asset for homes and businesses located in areas with unstable or otherwise unreliable power grids.

How it Works

When the control panel detects a power failure or drop in voltage, it automatically steps in to transfer the load to your portable or permanently installed standby generator. As soon as the generator is up to speed and generating sufficient voltage, the ATS transfers your power supply from the power grid to the generator. When the power is restored, the ATS shuts down the generator and transfers your operations back to the main grid. In most instances, this process takes less than one second to complete.

Selecting Your Transfer Switch

It is important to accurately assess the load, voltage rating, and continuous current rating of your system. When assessing the load, you will want to review the total system load, motor load, restrictive load, electric discharge, and incandescent lamp load. Voltage ratings will vary from 50 to 60 hertz, and from 120 to 600 volts in either a single or polyphase configuration. The continuous current rating should be assessed and confirmed to provided up to three hours or more of continuous current at maximum operational expectations.

Maintaining Your ATS

Regular maintenance of your ATS is essential for reliable operation. Wiring, connections, external operating mechanisms, lubrication, and contacts must be inspected annually. Each week, the generator should run at a set load and be tested for any deficiencies. Once per year, the switch’s indicators should be tested, and once per month, the control system should be tested for faults. Once per month, the switch should be examined for signs of wear and tear and users should inspect external components to ensure they are properly connected and tight. Performing these tests and inspections can significantly improve the effectiveness of the ATS.

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