Are Your Industrial Prime Power Systems Secure From Fires?

Fires are an ever-present threat to industrial prime power systems. High operating temperatures, electrical faults, fuel spills, and oil leaks can all ignite fires within your facility. When you operate a standby generator system, it is vital to ensure that you are compliant with all applicable building codes and NFPA standards. The more attention paid to preventing a fire, the better it is for your business and the health and safety of your employees. To that end, there are some critical factors we strongly recommend our clients watch closely.

Keep Evacuation Routes Clear and Clearly Marked

Your building should have multiple evacuation routes. This includes the area where the standby generator is located. The routes should be properly marked with signs and emergency lighting, and it is your duty to ensure the route is free of obstructions including loose materials, inventory, tools, etc. Finally, make sure that all emergency exit doors are not locked or otherwise blocked.

Check Your Fire Suppression Systems

If you have water, foam, halon, or other fire suppression systems, you must ensure these are properly installed, maintained, and regularly tested. Further, pay close attention to the charge and overall condition of your fire extinguishers. Damaged or expired extinguishers should be discarded or properly repaired and recharged. Finally, ensure that all fire extinguishers are of the proper type, that they are positioned for easy access and retrieval.

Drill, Baby Drill!

No, you are not looking for oil, but you are looking for competency. The more you drill your employees on fire prevention and response, the faster they will react in a real in emergency. Your drills should simulate real-world scenarios so that employees can internalize the steps they need to take to stop a fire from spreading or to quickly evacuate the building. If done properly, these steps will become automatic.

Secure Fuel Storage & Generator Systems

Ensure your fuel tanks are properly maintained, and that any rust/corrosion/leaks are properly repaired. Further, make sure that access to fuel storage tanks and your industrial prime power systems is strictly limited to authorized personnel and authorized generator service technicians.

Inspect & Maintain Your Industrial Prime Power Systems

Never fall behind on maintenance, and never let required repairs go unresolved. Loose wires, faulty seals, leaking fuel tanks, and malfunctioning thermal sensors can create catastrophic hazards that can ignite a fire. If your generator is overdue for maintenance, cease operation until it has been thoroughly inspected, adjusted, and repaired. Not only is this required by manufacturers for warranty purposes, but it is required for code and regulatory compliance.

Is your industrial prime power system due for maintenance? Contact the industrial prime power specialists at Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 and we will schedule a maintenance appointment for your system. We will make sure your generator is safe to operate and capable of delivering the optimal energy production you require.

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