Are You Prepared for a Rolling Power Outage?

Rolling power outages may become common in the near future as utility providers struggle to keep up with consumer demand. Even as the government signals massive investment in utility infrastructure, it will take many years to realize those efforts fully. In the interim, it means that there is a growing possibility that planned rolling power outages will become common in parts of the United States. As such, it is wise to get ahead of the curve and prepare rolling outage plans now rather than scrambling to adapt later. Like an insurance policy, you hope you never need the plan, but you will be glad you have it should the need arise. The following are some tips and suggestions we recommend considering as you put your plan together.

  • Identify mission-critical equipment. From desktop computers to HVAC systems, you will want to minimize your energy needs throughout the duration of the power outage.
  • Shut-off non-critical systems. It would be best if you designated personnel responsible for shutting down non-critical machinery, computers, electronics, lighting systems, etc.
  • Maintain and prepare backup power generation systems. Always stay on top of generator maintenance. Prior to a planned power outage, test your system for functionality and confirm that you have sufficient fuel to last through the outage duration.
  • Adjust the workload. It is crucial for your business that you stay on course with as minimal disruption as possible. Planned outages can throw delivery schedules out of whack. Whenever possible, it is advisable to adjust operations to account for your time to idle some tasks and projects.
  • Minimize personnel. Unfortunately, rolling outages mean making adjustments to employee schedules. This will help protect their safety when elevators, HVAC systems, machinery, etc., are idle.
  • Prepare for the worst. Make sure you keep emergency supplies, including fire extinguishers, First Aid Kits, flashlights, etc., readily available.
  • Plan to resume work. Rolling power outages don’t last forever. When they are over, you will need to have a start-up plan in place and ready to go. This plan should include what systems need to be turned back on, what order they need to be restarted, and who will be responsible for bringing everything back online.

And, perhaps one of the most effective steps you can take to protect your business against future power outages is to look into investing in a microgrid. While costly to set up, installing the infrastructure required to support a microgrid can ensure your business has all the power you need if the power grid falters and fails.

Do you need help shielding your business from the disruptions and downtime caused by rolling blackouts? Contact the experts at Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 to speak with our team about the solutions we recommend to our clients. It is our pleasure to help you protect your business and ensure you have the capability to deliver your customer’s needs no matter what happens with the power grid.

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