Are You Doing the Right Backup Generator Maintenance?

Regular backup generator maintenance is essential for reliable power generation. Every maintenance task you neglect is a task that can potentially grind your operations to a halt. At Gen-Tech, our generator technicians recommend you adhere to the following maintenance schedule. You may need to amend the following maintenance schedule to reflect the specific needs of your backup generator’s maintenance requirements.

Weekly Generator Maintenance

  • Run your backup generator without a load.
  • Run your backup generator with a minimum 30% rated load.
  • Confirm the backup generator is operating without generating alarms or warning signals.
  • Verify that sufficient fuel is present for generator operation.
  • Inspect the generator, hoses, and all fuel tanks for leaks and signs of damage.
  • Make sure the backup generator is set to “auto” mode.

Monthly Generator Maintenance

  • Verify that engine coolant levels are sufficient.
  • Verify engine oil levels.
  • Test battery charger to ensure proper voltage.

Semi-Annual Generator Maintenance

  • Inspect the backup generator enclosure.
  • Test battery cables and connections.
  • Inspect drive belts for signs of damage and for correct tension. Proactively replace any damaged belts before they can fail.
  • Visually inspect coolant reservoirs, lines, and connections for leaks. Tighten or replace components prior to further generator use.
  • Inspect the base of the generator, hoses, and connections for signs of oil leaks.
  • Examine the exhaust system including the muffler and exhaust pipe for signs of damage. Likewise, visually inspect the air induction pipes and associated connections.
  • Clean the air handler.
  • Test the AC wires, DC control panel, and the backup generator’s entire electrical system.

Annual Generator Maintenance

  • Change oil, fuel, and air filters. You may need to do this with greater frequency than once per year depending on the operating environment, age, and overall condition of the backup generator.
  • Inspect and thoroughly clean the crankcase breather.
  • Replace the spark plugs.
  • Verify that the coolant concentration falls within OEM guidelines. Flush the coolant system as required.
  • Conduct a complete load bank test.
  • Test and recondition fuel as required.
  • Inspect fuel tanks for signs of water infiltration and microbial growth.

* Bi-annual and annual backup generator maintenance tasks should be performed with the assistance of EGSA certified generator technicians.

Record Maintenance Problems

Always record the results of your regular maintenance tasks. This can help you track known issues and avoid costly problems down the road. It can also help you modify your maintenance schedule, and alert you to potential problems with part suppliers, fuel suppliers, or within your employee training plan. The more attention you pay to conducting routine maintenance, the less likely you are to encounter problems when you need to count on your backup generator systems to provide flawless operation.

Contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 for more information about backup generator maintenance. It is our pleasure to help ensure your generators are ready to go when you need them. Our EGSA certified generator technicians are always available to help our clients keep their systems operating in peak condition.

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