Is Your Business Current on Your Standby Generator Maintenance?

Whether you have a diesel generator, gas generator, or bi-fuel generator backing up your business, it’s crucial that you stay current with your maintenance. Should the power grid fail, it’s the best way to ensure your standby generator can deliver the power you need to keep your business open until the power is restored. The best way to do this is to schedule regular maintenance service with an EGSA certified technician.

DIY Weekly Tasks

Of course, there are plenty of tasks that need to be completed, and many of these you can do yourself, including the following weekly tasks:

  • Operate the generator under no load. Most generators are equipped with an automatic transfer switch exercise cycle for testing. Once completed, make sure the unit operated correctly and that there were no alarms or faults.
  • Check your fuel levels and fuel storage tanks. Do you have sufficient fuel on hand for potential power outages? Are your fuel tanks in good condition, or are they starting to rust over?
  • Inspect the circuit breaker. Make sure that everything is properly connected and that the system does not have any visible damage.
  • Look for leaks. While fuel, oil, and coolant leaks on the floor are easy to spot, don’t forget to shine a light into your generator. This makes it easier to detect small leaks that may not be visible from the outside of the unit.

At one month intervals, you should plan to inspect your coolant and oil levels, as well as the battery charger. Be sure to record this information and track it over time. This information can help you detect leaks and can be used by an EGSA certified technician to diagnose potential problems with the system.

Bi-Annual and Annual Maintenance

An EGSA certified technician should perform bi-annual and annual maintenance tasks. This helps protect your system from damage, and it protects you from harm. Certified technicians have the expertise to determine whether something looks right, looks wrong, or may require further examination with thermal cameras or other diagnostic tools.

During a bi-annual maintenance appointment, the technician will inspect the enclosure, check batteries and cables, inspect drive belts, and inspect/test coolant systems. They will also inspect and clean the exhaust system and air cleaners, pipes, electrical system, control panel, and more.

Annual maintenance visits include the previous checks, with the addition of oil, air, and fuel filter changes, changing of spark plugs, flushing the cooling system, load bank testing, and fuel testing.

These tests and checks aren’t “set in stone,” and it may be necessary to adjust these based on your system’s age, hours of operation, environmental conditions, unforeseen damage, etc. When you hire an EGSA certified technician to perform maintenance on your system, they will gladly help you adjust the maintenance schedule to provide the maximum protection for your power generation system.

Contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 and we’ll be happy to schedule service for your bi-fuel generator, diesel generator, or other standby generator system. Our EGSA certified technicians have the skills, experience, and tools required to service almost any standby power generator.

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