Annual Load Bank Testing is Critical for Your Operations

There’s nothing worse than needing your generator in an emergency and discovering that it won’t provide the power you require. The fact is that most businesses don’t operate their standby generators at full capacity very often. Most run their generators at light to moderate loading during the year. This routine can lull operators into believing that the generator will perform at a full load. When it doesn’t, this is a costly mistake that was preventable by conducting regular load bank testing.

Annual Load Bank Testing Prevents Wet Stacking

Underloaded standby generators are prone to wet stacking. As the soot and unburned fuel accumulate within the exhaust, this can damage the engine, reduce efficiency, and shorten the lifespan of the generator. It can also result in the pooling of fuel oil, which can result in exposure to toxic fumes, fires, and other dangers.

Conducting a no-load test every week allows you to see how the generator operates at full capacity. A no-load test makes it possible to monitor the operating temperature accurately and ensures clean, efficient operation of the generator.

Testing Ensures Reliability

As a general rule, if you are not exposing your generator to at least 30% of the generator’s kW load rating, then you need to perform a load bank test. Testing the load banks verifies that your standby generator will deliver the power production your operations require. It is an opportunity to assess critical engine parameters, including engine temperature, fuel pressure, and oil pressure. The peace of mind that comes from knowing these critical elements will function properly is worth the time and effort it takes to perform the tests.

Should an emergency arise, you will know that your generator is up to the task and can power the lights, computers, tools, and other equipment you depend on for operations. Further, the information gathered during your regularly scheduled tests makes it possible to perform maintenance duties and conduct repairs before a breakdown occurs.

Our Load Bank Testing Services

Gen-Tech’s trained and certified generator technicians can perform load bank testing on your standby generators. We adhere to all applicable NFPA, EPA, and other regulatory guidelines during the testing procedure.

Our technicians test the kW load, AC voltage, Hertz, oil pressure, and amperage rating. We will also perform other tests as required per the manufacturer’s recommendations or client requests. When the tests are complete, we provide a full report of your generator’s performance and make recommendations for repairing and maintaining the system.

We will also help you identify the best testing schedule. We can help you determine which weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual tests are appropriate. Establishing this schedule will help you protect your generator from damage and ensure that it provides reliable operation for years to come.

Contact Gen-Tech Power Generation Specialists at (800) 625-8324 to discuss load bank testing with our team. We will answer your questions and tell you more about the load bank testing services we provide to clients in Arizona and Nevada.

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