AI Is Key To the Future of Microgrid Technology

In a world increasingly driven forward by reliable power, it’s no surprise that companies and consumers worldwide are eager for solutions that ensure power stays on, prices stay low, and emissions become negligible. Innovation has always been the bedrock of the power generation industry, and it’s no surprise that as the needs of tomorrow begin to take shape, companies are turning their eyes toward the future needs of a world with an insatiable demand for energy. Guiding the next steps forward, AI technology will be integral to ensuring that everything from mobile power generation systems to the most advanced microgrid technology come together to create a resilient, reliable, and cost-effective solution.

Microgrids Depend On Autonomy

The very nature of microgrids is that they can operate with a minimal amount of human input and control. The more autonomous the system, the more reliable the power it delivers. As such, developers of microgrids are currently working closely with both hardware and software providers to develop systems that govern themselves. The goal is that within the next decade, AI will advance to the point where faults are corrected, analysis of fault history, and optimization of energy sources will occur without human interaction. The technology is close, but it’s not quite there yet, and many ideas remain in the very early stages of development.

Forecasting Consumer Needs Is Tricky Business

Only two things are for sure when it comes to microgrids: one, consumers will require more power to operate their homes, businesses, health facilities, etc. And two, consumers will want more power at a lower cost. In regard to these factors, AI will be the key to meeting these demands. It will be the fastest, most efficient tool available to examine power usage, identify trends to adjust production schedules, and optimize microgrid operation.

We’ve Learned To Walk, But Consumers Are Ready for the Power Industry To Run

40 years ago, home computers were still pretty rare. 20 years ago, a few gigabytes was considered more than enough memory. 10 years ago, Alexa and Google Home were still science fiction. From cars and power generation systems, to consumer electronics and more, AI is already influencing the methods in which we interact with the world around us. Consumers are not only comfortable with the technology, but they are also eager to see it reach the next level.

Consumers expect AI to deliver cost savings. That’s why smart home systems, smart appliances, and other devices have experienced a sharp rise in popularity. The COVID-19 pandemic, forest fires, hurricanes, and more have exposed plenty of flaws and faults in power delivery, and consumers are eager to see AI technology coupled with advances in microgrid technology to ensure that we all enjoy a bright and well-lit future.

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