New Advances Create Opportunities for Generator Technicians

Innovation drives industry forward, and industry that is moving forward generates ever more innovations. It is a perpetual cycle that is picking up speed as the needs of industry demand ever more reliable power generation. For generator technicians, it means that there are new technologies to master and call upon to get the job done.

Onboard paralleling is an innovation that is making it easier for facility managers and industrial operators to install generator configurations tailored to meet their needs. Advances in paralleling technology make it possible to install more power in a smaller footprint, and safely operate it using simplified control systems. Seamless integration of paralleled systems is superior to dated switchgear technology and means that systems are easier to service and maintain.

Remote monitoring is another innovation that is becoming increasingly common. Remote monitoring systems provide real-time data that generator technicians can analyze and use to detect potential problems before they cause major breakdowns. When problems are detected, generators can be shut down remotely to protect the generator and equipment from damage. Additionally, remote monitoring helps facility managers and operators chart and better understand their power needs so that they can adjust power production to improve efficiency and reduce wear and tear on their generators.

Of course, we are proud of the Power Zone generator controller installed on Generac equipment. This revolutionary controller is smarter and more intuitive than any other device on the market. It provides unprecedented remote access and monitoring via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LAN connections. Users may also interact with the controller via the display on the generator. Expandable and flexible, the Power Zone makes it easy to configure inputs, control outputs, and maintain total control over the generator’s operations.

For the past 60 years, Generac has led the industry in innovation. Generac produces some of the most reliable and easy to operate power generation equipment in the world. As the company celebrates its diamond anniversary this year, there are many exciting developments and technologies in the pipeline. These include improved standby generators for residential customers and mobile generators designed to meet the evolving needs of oil and gas manufacturers.

Finally, the power needs of communities across the country are evolving at an unprecedented pace. This is driving demand for distributed power generation technologies that can provide reliable power close to end users. Generac recognized and responded to this need nearly twenty years ago with the introduction of the DG 50. Since then, it has become one of the most popular and reliable distributed power generation systems in the country.

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