About Generac’s Bi-Fuel System

As mentioned in our earlier post, many people have a difficult time deciding between a diesel or gaseous generator in order to meet their backup power needs. However, Generac’s state of the art Bi-fuel generator system gives you the best of both worlds without compromising. Here’s a closer look at the only true bi-fuel generator available on the market.

Better Reliability through Redundancy

The purpose of a backup generator is to provide ongoing power in case regular resources fail. Whether that’s caused by extreme weather, construction accidents, general human error, or an earthquake, your business can maintain essential functioning whatever the external conditions.

The backup generator standard, for decades, has been diesel fuel, thanks to its easy remote storage possibilities and affordability. However, what if you’re without a steady power source for a full day or more? Do you have enough diesel fuel to keep you going? The same emergencies that cut off normal power supply will usually also cut off refueling options. However, gas lines are rarely affected in the same way as power lines in case of an emergency, which means that a generator fueled through natural gas lines will usually continue to provide power to your facility long after diesel fuel has run out.

What happens if the natural gas lines are compromised? Generac’s Bi-fuel generator can easily switch to 100% diesel power until natural gas or normal electric power is available again.

Fully Integrated System Increases Efficiency and Value

Generac’s Bi-fuel engine is engineered from the start to fully integrate both fuel sources and optimize efficiency. On-board microprocessor control systems balance diesel fuel and injection processes with continuous air/natural gas mixtures to utilize both sources at their strong points, combining natural gas’ efficiency, lower cost, and cleaner burn with diesel power’s higher thermal efficiency.

Add to this highly-refined system a rugged exterior enclosure and integrated remote controls and monitoring, along with a warranty backed by one of the best names in generator production, and you have yourself a backup system that you can truly rely on for years to come.

It’s worth noting that Generac’s Bi-fuel system is truly unique in the industry. Although Generac isn’t the first to capitalize on the possibilities of utilizing both diesel and natural gas together in order to increase reliability and efficiency, the truth is that most bi-fuel systems are aftermarket modifications, which run the risk of voiding the UL and EPA certifications available from the factory. Generac’s Bi-fuel generators are ready to install and fully certified from the start.

Gen-Tech Sells and Maintains the Generac Bi-Fuel Standby Generator

Gen-Tech is a preferred distributor of Generac Industrial Power products, including the Bi-fuel generator. Our careful maintenance and quality control measures keep the generator functioning at its best and in line with manufacturer standards for ongoing warranty. We’re your partner in reliable power. Contact us to learn more about our options for bi-fuel generators, or tell us about your specific needs so we can provide an experienced recommendation for you.

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