Diesel Engine Training

While it’s possible to work in some generator repair facilities without certification, many employers are now requiring Diesel Technician Training for their workers who service generators with diesel engines.  What’s more, clients are more likely to feel at ease knowing that you have obtained Diesel Technician Training.  Such a certification is a testimony from a trusted source that you are capable of providing quality diagnostic care for diesel generators and fire pumps. With this training, you’ll be giving your resume and your client base a boost.

Getting Certified

Many schools and organizations offer diesel mechanics courses and certification programs, but very view dealers offer any comprehensive diesel training that prepares you for Generac Industrial Certification.  However, GEN-TECH does.

The requirement to be able to advance up to Generac Industrial Certification is that you must attend a week long course on Diesel Technology.  The only alternative is to show proof of prior training from an accredited organization.


The Knowledge and Skills You’ll Need

Though you won’t necessarily master engine systems or fuel system diagnostics and repair at the end of the week, you will be far more knowledgeable than you were at the beginning of the week. Our Diesel Technology Course is dedicated to the repair and diagnosis of cylinder head and valve train, engine block, lubrication and cooling systems, air induction and exhaust systems, starting and charging systems, and common safety practices.  With your practical know-how and GEN-TECH’s Diesel Technology Course, you’ll be ready to tackle most any Diesel engine issue in addition to being prepared for advanced Generac training.




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