GEN-TECH will customize a Training program that best applies to your company’s maintenance program.

Our Trainers have combined over 50 years of service and are skilled on all makes and models of generator systems and transfer switches.  We will discuss your needs and develop a program that teaches the principles of Power Generation, regulations, and how it applies to your own equipment. Your employees will receive a customized manual that will be used in the class and receive a certificate of completion.

We will provide training at your facility or at our training facility with Real Hands On Demonstrations.

Suggested Curriculum

  • Basics
  • AC/DC, circuits and magnetism
  • Power Generation
  • Components, frequency and voltage
  • Controls
  • Electronic Isochronous and Mechanical Droop
  • Governors, Voltage regulation
  • Relays, oil pressure, and water temperature
  • Auto Start/Stop Logic controls (PLC) and safeties and protective relaying.
  • Fuel Systems
  • Diesel, Natural Gas and Propane system operation
  • Diesel fuel maintenance
  • Transfer Switches
  • Operation and logic
  • Demonstration
  • Maintenance
  • Engine and Generator
  • Transfer Switchgear
  • Hands-On-Training

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