Predictive Maintenance Programs – Thermographic Imaging

Thermographic imaging surveys are non-evasive method of evaluating your critical loads. This equates to inspection without turning off the load which would result in costly down time.

Benefits of routine Thermal Imaging:

Incorporating Thermal Imaging as part of your normal transfer switch maintenance will help ensure the proper functionality of the equipment. In the event of a power outage a faulty transfer switch will render the emergency generator useless. Thermal Imaging is capable of detecting variances in temperature within components and connection points; the ability to pinpoint these areas, allows for preventative maintenance prior to equipment failure, resulting in increased reliability, while avoiding more extensive repairs.

Gen-Tech’s Thermal Imaging Services:

Our thermal imaging maintenance program is a method of identifying hot spots within electrical components during operation. A thermal camera detects infrared radiation (heat); an image is created based on the temperature variances detected. Higher temperatures are an indication of potential risk.

NFPA 70B recommends that all commercial facilities perform non-invasive, non-contact, predictive electrical maintenance by means of thermographic surveys once a year

Much thanks goes to the entire Gen-Tech team for accommodating the changes to schedule, willingness to work with our electrical contractor, and for their continued support during this very important project.


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