Why Planned Maintenance is Important:

Planned Maintenance or Preventative Maintenance is simply a pre-emptive measure to avoid costly repairs, and ensure the functionality of the emergency generator system and transfer switches in the event of a power outage. Operational Inspections quickly identify problem issues, such as low batteries, fluid leaks, and low oil/coolant levels. Visual inspection of belts, hoses, and radiator cap, also identifies potential problems. ATS Inspections will also help detect system vulnerabilities. Planned Maintenance plays a significant role in maximizing reliability.

Types of Planned Maintenance Services:

There are a variety of services available to accommodate individual requirements. These range from minor inspections to very detailed, fully compliant, heavy regulated services.

We offer Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual Operations Inspections.

  • General physical condition to include complete housing, mechanical & electrical systems.
  • Cooling system to include pumps, pulleys, belts, hoses, radiator, jacket water heater, and coolant medium.
  • Lubrication system to include hoses, oil lines, oil level, and oil sample. Lube oil filter(s) are cut open to inspect for debris.
  • Air system to include piping and housing(s) restrictions, filter condition.
  • Fuel system to include fuel lines, fuel tank integrity, filter condition fuel transfer system, governor and control linkage. Fuel filters are cut open to inspect for algae.
  • Exhaust system to include silencer and piping, and exhaust manifold.
  • Generator to include coupling and guards, exciter system and exciter air gap, main bearing condition/signs of overheating, and wiring.
  • Starting system to include starter, batteries, battery cables, and alternator. Battery static and starting (cranking) voltages are recorded. Battery electrolyte level checked.
  • Control Panel/Assembly to include start control and safety controls, remote annunciator and alarms, panel meters and switches.
  • Main Breaker and Power Cables to include condition and connections.
  • Transfer Switch to include Visual inspection, and operational checks.

Gen-Tech shall provide in the local area an evaluation on site at no additional charge, covering equipment problems, concerns and/or questions relating to the Stand-by Power System as part of our unique service partnership.

Gen-Tech Planned Maintenance Service Agreements:

Gen-Tech Service Agreements are specifically tailored to the requirements of each customer. Not all services are the same and it is important to know what services are necessary, especially if compliancy is required. Operational Inspections are thorough and detailed. Load bank testing also follows a specific format and documented at each load step. In addition to the normal annual services, Gen-Tech offers Oil, Coolant, and Fuel sampling. Thorough testing of “Paralleling Systems, as well as, comprehensive testing of ATS systems, including Bypass Isolation functions and Thermal Imaging reporting.

“ GENTECH employees are very helpful and courteous when it comes to
scheduling our monthly services. They always go above and beyond to make sure that there services go beyond our expectations. “

Frank - Phoenix, AZ

Committed to Safety First