Why Fuel Maintenance is Important:

Fuel maintenance is typically overlooked and yet is a key component to effective generator operation. Stationary fuel tanks are very susceptive to fuel contaminants; water, bacterial growth, sediment, and fuel degradation, etc. Proper fuel maintenance, such as; “Fuel Sampling”, helps with the early detection of specific issues that can usually be treated with additives and avoid costly fuel replacement or repairs.

What are some Common Fuel Concerns?

Diesel fuel starts to deteriorate within months of refinement. All diesel fuel contains some moisture and with additional condensation, creates a platform for “Microbial Contamination”. This affects all of the major properties of the fuel and leads to emulsification. Cetane ratings drop with contamination and age (higher Cetane ratings provide better performance).  Particulates and sludge develop clogging filters, injectors, and fuel injection pump. The result will be excessive smoke, poor performance, or engine failure.

Gen-Tech’s Fuel Maintenance Services:

Gen-Tech offers fuel maintenance services as a proactive measure to help ensure generator functionality and reliability. A “Fuel Sample” is taken and an in depth analysis is performed. The results will identify any abnormalities such as; Water, Sediment, Particulates, Microbial Growth, that may need attention. The use of proper additives such as; “Fuel Stabilizers and Biocides, along with proper water separation and filtration will help preserve the integrity of the fuel.

I want to thank the generator technician that came out to work on our generator system. I was contacted by my maintenance staff that our unit started and turned off during a routine test. He was unable to restart the unit. I contacted GEN-TECH through the afterhours number and a technician was dispatched. After troubleshooting our system the issue appeared to be bad fuel. The generator technician educated me on the problems when Diesel fuel sits and is not tested for bacteria. They were able to get me up and running and started me on a fuel maintenance program.

Joe J

Committed to Safety First