Why Emergency Response is important.

Emergency Response capabilities are an essential component to providing a high level of service to all customers. During a power outage the onsite generator becomes the sole source of power. In the event of any operational issues with the standby generator, response time is critical. 24/7 technician availability helps to reduce the downtime resulting from the interruption in power. In many cases, loss of power is much more that an inconvenience, it is “Life Critical”.

Emergency Response Preparedness:

Gen-Tech strives to maintain a high level of emergency preparedness. The time to plan for an emergency situation is not during the emergency. Gen-Tech facilities are equipped with a backup generator to ensure uninterrupted power. An on-site main fuel tank, along with multiple auxiliary tanks are available for fueling requirements. Gen-Tech maintains a large “Rental Fleet”, consisting of 20kW – 2 Megawatt  mobile generators, power cable, and portable transfer switches, all ready for immediate deployment. A semi-tractor, fuel trucks, crane trucks, and 4X4 service trucks ensure transportation requirements are met.

Gen-Tech Emergency Response:

Gen-Tech utilizes a 24/7 “After Hours/ Emergency” phone system for ease of communication and rapid response. A minimum of 3 (Key) employees are on high alert status (Not Call Center Forwarded) to receive incoming emergency calls. Gen-Tech field service technicians are “On Call”, and maintain possession of their service trucks 24/7 for immediate dispatch. Service vehicles are equipped with towing capability,100 gallon fuel tank, special tooling, extensive maintenance items, and spare parts. In disaster situations, Gen-Tech will prioritize dispatch responding first to critical sites; Hospitals, Fire/Police, Communication Sites, etc.

I was extremely impressed by the passion and dedication of your employees. When we lost power to our building, it became apparent that we needed to find a generator to keep power to our freezers. The dispatcher from Gen-Tech calculated my load and had the technician’s rolling in a couple of hours. I was able to keep my freezers at temperature. A special thanks to those of you who worked through the night for some of the additional challenges we faced.

Bill Sterling

Committed to Safety First