Industrial Gemini Standby Generator

When real estate is an issue.

Industrial Gemini Standby Generator

Generac’s Gemini Twin Pack generator set uses two 500 kW generator sets packaged in a single enclosure for a total of 1000 kW. The Gemini system offers everything that large singe engine generators provide more efficiently. By utilizing two small, high volume engines, the system can offer less lead time than traditional large single engine generator units. The unit has both engines packaged into a single weatherproof, sound-attenuated enclosure. This system can save up to 40% of space than a respective single engine generator set of the same power size. The Gemini units utilize the Modular Power System (MPS), which does not require custom paralleling switchgear and controls for every unit. Instead, a single MPS switchgear can offer paralleling capabilities for seven Gemini generator sets. From a serviceability standpoint, Gemini’s load shedding feature allows full maintenance without interrupting critical loads. This helps to remove any vulnerability of losing power during downtime on a generator. With Generac’s Gemini Twin Pack generator set, customers can meet demands now and grow with the future as necessary.

Industrial Bi-Fuel Standby Generator Specifications

MODEL #SG025 – Gaseous 25kW Click Here
MODEL #SG035 – Gaseous 35kW Click Here
MODEL #SG040 – Gaseous 40kW Click Here
MODEL #SG045 – Gaseous 45kW Click Here
MODEL #SG050 – Gaseous 50kW Click Here

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