Industrial Diesel Standby Generator

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Industrial Diesel Standby Generator

Generac provides proven diesel generators for any application. With the ability for custom configuration, every generator set can meet the specifications needed for the job. Each generator set is built from the ground up in a vertically-integrated environment; this manufacturing process helps ensure the highest standards with power from 10 kW to 2,000 kW standalone generator sets. Generac also offers the option of paralleling capabilities with its Modular Power Systems. Once in the field, service can be accomplished by any Generac certified technician and parts are readily available.

Industrial Diesel Standby Generator Specifications

MODEL #SG025 – Gaseous 25kW Click Here
MODEL #SG035 – Gaseous 35kW Click Here
MODEL #SG040 – Gaseous 40kW Click Here
MODEL #SG045 – Gaseous 45kW Click Here
MODEL #SG050 – Gaseous 50kW Click Here
MODEL #SG050 6.8 – Gaseous 50kW Click Here
MODEL #SG060 – Gaseous 60kW Click Here
MODEL #SG070 – Gaseous 70kW Click Here
MODEL #SG080 – Gaseous 80kW Click Here
MODEL #SG100 – Gaseous 100kW Click Here
MODEL #SG130 – Gaseous 130kW Click Here
MODEL #SG150 6.8 – Gaseous 150kW 6.8 MPS Click Here
MODEL #SG150 12.9 – Gaseous 150kW Click Here
MODEL #SG175 – Gaseous 175kW Click Here
MODEL #SG200 – Gaseous 200kW Click Here

Diesel Modular Power Systems (MPS)

In today’s world, Generac’s Modular Power Systems (MPS) allows standby power to grow with their business as they need it. The MPS is an integrated approach to generator paralleling that offers businesses to have the system needed today, and add more units (up to 9000kW) in the future. By implementing a paralleling system, multiple advantages are achieved over a standard generator system.

Our integrated MPS offers many benefits as opposed to the traditional single genset configuration including:

  • Redundancy — In most applications, the loads that require the highest degree of reliability are only a percentage of the generator’s total capacity. We provide N+1, N+2, and more, offering up to 99.999% reliability.
  • Reduced Space Requirements — Using smaller kW generators offers greater weight distribution making roof-top installations more feasible. These generators are also shorter and more compact so locating them in parking garages becomes a possibility.
  • Serviceability — A single unit can be taken out of service for maintenance or repair while other units remain available should an outage occur.
  • Flexibility — Gensets can be added to a current system depending on growth. This allows owners to make a smaller initial investment and scale accordingly based on increase power demands
  • Fuel Redundancy — While some applications require diesel generators to meet on-site fuel requirements, our diesel generators can be paralleled with our natural gas or bi-fuel generators for significantly expanded runtimes.
  • Fully Tested — Our in-house factory test lab ensures unsurpassed peace of mind because if our generators pass our tests, they’ll pass your tests, too.

And the costs to specify and install two lower kW paralleled versus one larger kW are quite similar. This makes choosing Generac’s MPS a smart decision for all types of and sizes of facilities or businesses.

Diesel Modular Power Specifications

MODEL 350kW MPS Click Here
MODEL 400kW MPS Click Here
MODEL 500kW MPS Click Here
MODEL 600kW MPS Click Here

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