Industrial Bi-Fuel Standby Generators

When extended run times matter.

Industrial Bi-Fuel Standby Generator

Generac Bi-Fuel generator sets offer the advantages of both diesel and gaseous units. By starting on diesel and transferring fuel consumption primarily to natural gas, the costs of operating and maintaining the generator are less. Due to the use of natural gas, the consumption of diesel decreases which then increases run time. It also allows for less diesel fuel on-site, allowing for easier permits due to smaller fuel tanks and meets the requirements for NEC700 and NFPA110. All units come with factory warranty, product support, and are EPA and UL certified from the factory. Should the supply of natural gas cease, the generators are capable of running entirely on diesel fuel. The Bi-Fuel generators are also capable of integrating the Modular Power System (MPS), which allows for paralleling with other Generac generators regardless of fuel type. Generac Bi-Fuel generators offer the reliability of diesel and cost savings of natural gas.

Industrial Bi-Fuel Standby Generator Specifications

MODEL #SG025 – Gaseous 25kW Click Here
MODEL #SG035 – Gaseous 35kW Click Here
MODEL #SG040 – Gaseous 40kW Click Here
MODEL #SG045 – Gaseous 45kW Click Here
MODEL #SG050 – Gaseous 50kW Click Here

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