Air Compressors 150 to 450 Horsepower

Wide power range for 200V, 230V, 460V and 575V.Pressure transducer motor speed control, provided by pressure signal via our T1 microprocessor control. Programmable digital outputs available. Digital inputs from 2 pressure sensors, and a temperature sensor. 8 programmable parameter sets with S-curves, power off function, PID process controller, electronic motor protection and internal timer. Output frequencies up to 160 Hz with output voltage stabilization; switching frequencies up to 16 kHz; output phase monitoring.DC bus circuit connection and motor thermal sensor connection are provided.

Industrial/Electric Air Compressor Specifications 150 to 450 Horsepower

SP20-150, SP20-200, SP20-200VFD, SP20-300VFD Click Here
SP20-200ECC, SP20-250ECC Click Here
SP32-300ECC, SP32-400ECC, SP32-450ECC Click Here

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