Electrical Distribution Panels

Our Distribution panels use standard cam-lock style inputs to distribute electrical power to numerous individual branch circuits, with multiple feeds from your power source. We understand our client requirements when it comes to providing the flexibility needed to accommodate your specific power distribution needs. GEN-TECH’s technicians are fully trained and experienced in the interpretation of  electrical schematics and design build.

I-Line Panels

Our portable I line panels are utilized in almost every market segment wherever electricity is distributed or controlled. They provide extra versatility by adapting to any voltage up to 600V. Circuit breakers can be added or removed as required.

Our panels have 5 wire sets of cam-type receptacles on a heavy duty frames with castors and lifting eyes.


Disconnect switches are used in a wide variety of settings to provide a safe way to Distribute power for operating motors, office trailers and equipment for special events.

Transfer Switches

Transfer switches are a safe way to distribute power between utility and generator. Our Transfer switches support nearly every type of emergency power application from 100amp – 3000 amp.


Medium Voltage transformers can be used to step up voltage from a generator to 480V or 600V up to 4160V. Specific solutions for healthcare, mining, gas, wastewater plants and data centers.

Event Distribution

Our event distribution can support data facilities, Hospitals, Distribution Centers, to social events, sound stages, light shows or concerts.  If requested a technician is available 24 / 7.

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