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Arizona Generator Technology fields a fleet of mobile power generators from 20 kW to 2,000 kW and offers the ability to parallel for larger kW applications to meet any power demand. Load banks are available as well to provide commissioning and other power need solutions with single and three phase resistive and reactive load banks up to 3 MW.

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Air Compressors

Arizona Generator Technology even offers air solutions with air volumes of 185-cfm to 1600-cfm in diesel or electric. Dryers are available to accompany the compressors along with filtration systems to meet the tightest of system requirements.

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With any power application, the availability of power is only the first step. Gen-Tech offers distribution solutions from low to medium voltage power cables, I-line panels to disconnects, and transfer switches to transformers (low and medium voltage), connecting temporary power is no problem. Gen-Tech can provide the right rental service for unique applications.

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Light Towers

When there aren’t enough daylight hours in the day, Gen-Tech can provide 4000W light towers for night time work or events.

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